Children's Book Talks

One of my favorite parts of my job is giving book talks to people. Whether it's one individual in my bookstore or an entire classroom of people, there's almost nothing I love better than to gush about my favorite books to avid listeners.

Today I had the rewarding experience of speaking to a class I had once taken. As an undergrad at Mount Holyoke College, I had taken a Writing Children's Literature class with professor/author Corinne Demas. During that class, one Friday morning, we traipsed across the road to the Odyssey Bookshop where the now-retired Cindy Pyle, then the Children's Department Manager, gave us a book talk about all sorts of amazing books and publishing trends in the children's literature world.
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Four years later, now the Children's Department Manager at the Odyssey Bookshop myself, I had to the pleasure of giving just such a book talk to Corinne's latest Writing Children's Literature class. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. Though I have further dreams (*ahem*owning my own children's store*ahem*), in a way, you know you've made it when a former professor says, "I've learned so much from you!"

Thanks to Corinne's class for being a supportive listening audience, for being interested in a subject so close to my heart, and for asking some great questions. I hope to see you all back here soon!

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