Book Review: Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Raised By Wolves
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
9781606840597, $16.99, Egmont (Random House), Pub. Date: June 2010

Exciting, sexy, funny, strong, adventure, danger, love. Those are the top words that come to mind when thinking of this novel. I was shocked at the depth of the story and the pull of the writing. Admittedly, there comes a point when you say to yourself, How many more werewolf books can I really read? If you're reached that point, I want to say, read one more. This one.

Bryn was four when a rabid werewolf murdered her parents. Saved by Callum, the Alpha of his pack, Bryn is human, but has been raised among werewolves. She is not fully pack, nor does she feel fully human, and at age 15, Bryn has seen and experienced more dangerous things that most other humans.

Then she meets Chase, a teenager, recently turned werewolf. He is dangerous, turned against his will, but has an instant connection with Bryn. Though Callum forbids Bryn from seeing Chase, Bryn needs Chase's help. The pack is hiding a secret. The rabid werewolf who attacked Bryn and her parents is not dead. The attack wasn't random. There's a bigger plot afoot than Bryn can even imagine, and she needs Chase's help to figure it out before it's too late. It's Bryn and Chase and Bryn's other teenage werewolf friends against a rabid werewolf and the rest of the werewolf community.

The good guys win, of course, but with a twist that very pleasantly surprising. Bryn has great inner strength, more than she knows, and she'll need every ounce of it to get through everything and stay alive.

This was my first Jennifer Lynn Barnes novel; I'm looking forward to going back and reading her others. Read her livejournal blog, and check out this interview about a past book.

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